Lola Ramona

The logo of a girl who falls because she is not use to wear high heels, is how many girls feel when they start their career in high heels. By putting this drawing underneath the shoes, the Lola Ramona Crew tells you that they felt the exact same way..but now they made shoes that you can live your life in… At Lola Ramona all the shoes have a unique name, and the stripy heels and bows are always present. We are in love!

Lola Ramona  SS20
€ 124,95
€ 74,97
Lola Ramona 50s June Festive Mary Jane Pumps in Cream and Chocolate
Lola Ramona 50s Ava Vegan Tartan Pumps in Red and Black
Lola Ramona 50s Ava Smartie Ankle Booties in Black
€ 134,95
€ 94,47
Lola Ramona 50s Angie Family Mary Jane Pumps in Red
Lola Ramona 70s Angie T-Strap Soul Pumps in Teal
Lola Ramona 60s Penny Polkadot Shoes in Black and White
Lola Ramona 60s Eve Ankle Booties in Cream
Lola Ramona 60s Eve Vegan Patent Block Heel Pumps in Black
Lola Ramona 50s Ava Vegan Sister Pumps in Red
Lola Ramona 50s Angie High Heeled Booties in Brown
€ 149,95
€ 119,96
Lola Ramona 60s Eileen Ankle Booties in Green
€ 159,95
€ 127,96
Lola Ramona 60s Allison Airy Chelsea Boots in Black