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Looking for a unique gift for your lover, bestie or sister (or for yourself ;-))? In our collection you will find some of the best vintage inspired gifts! Since we are always on the lookout for fun new ideas, new items are added to our collection regularly. So, there is always plenty of choice. Or why not surprise somebody with a TopVintage gift card! :-D We are sure that a cat mug, vintage inspired make-up or cosy socks will go down well with any lady!  

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Collectif Clothing 50s Melinda Cherry Blossom Fan in Green
New! Erstwilder 60s Spring Kitten Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Young Love Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Proud Mother Hen Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Wilbur the Wonder Pig Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Junior and His Tulp Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Chocolate the Chipmunk Brooch
New! Erstwilder 60s Buttercup Brooch
Blue Q 50s Double Wonderful Coin Purse
Erstwilder 60s Benjamin Bunny Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Mrs. Tittlemouse Brooch
Sass & Belle Libby Vase
Sass & Belle 50s Vintage Rose Suitcase Set
Sass & Belle 60s Sunflower Suitcase
Sass & Belle 60s Sunflower Suitcase Set
Sass & Belle Yes V Gang Mug
Sass & Belle 60s Sunflower Mug
Sass & Belle Freya Swan Trinket Dish
Sass & Belle Love You Always Mug
Erstwilder 60s Fur-Ever Friends Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Love Bandit Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Feline the Love Brooch
Erstwilder 60s You're So Foxy Brooch
Erstwilder 60s You're a Hoot Brooch
Darling Divine Pearly Hair Clip Set in Gold
Darling Divine Hair Clip Set in Animal
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Hollywood Duckbill Clipettes in Pink
Blue Q 50s I Thought I Had More Money Coin Purse
Le Keux Cosmetics Lip And Eyeliner Brush
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Sectioning Clips in Pink
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make-Up Cloths in Leopard
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Leopard Manicure Purse
Lollipops Matt Lipstick in Irresistible Rose
TopVintage Giftcard € 10
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Miracle Curl Brush in Pink
TopVintage Giftcard € 15
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: RollGo Pin Curl Hair Tool Set
Le Keux Cosmetics Cherry Bomb High Pigment Dark Red Lip Paint
Lauren Rennells Vintage Hairstyling: Rockin' Rollers Soft Leopard Print Hair Roller and Hairstyle Filler
Lollipops Kiss My Lips Matt Lipstick in Baiser Pour Paul Red
Lollipops Kiss My Lips Glossy Lipstick in Milk Shake Baby Pink
The Balm In The Balm Of Your Hand Palette Volume 2
Le Keux Cosmetics Diablo Rose High Pigment Pink Lip Paint
The Balm The Manizer Sisters AKA The Luminizers
The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Honest Coral
Lollipops Noemi Ral Liquide Mat Lipstick in Rouge
The Balm Hot Mama Shadow Blush in Peachy Pink
Le Keux Cosmetics Secret Weapon Brown Brow and Eye Liner Paint
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