Our charitable activities

                Charity is not a duty but a joy!

We love making you happy with our exclusive retro collections, but in addition to this, it is doing things for others that makes us really happy. We like to think of ourselves as very blessed people and therefore we are committed to supporting a number of good causes. Because no one has ever become poor by giving! ;-) We started our own charity 1000Children because we saw the need for help in India with our own eyes. In addition to this, we also support a number of other causes and we would like to tell you about those as well.


‘’Ensure human dignity for the orphans!’’                               



''We believe that every child is important, and that poverty can be beaten.’’


 Together, we offer children a chance to have a better future!’’



The Savanah foundation animal rescue centre 

’'The rescue of one animal will not change the world, but it will change the world for that one rescued animal!’’


 The Phoneo foundation

‘’We never expected such poverty in Europe!


Pan de Vida

‘’Lifting as many children as possible out of poverty in Peru.''