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Emmy Clothing

Emmy is a freshly-baked clothing line for all colourful women! Emmy stands for feminine, well-fitted garments that embrace and enhance the female shape – just like in the good old days! The designer behind the brand is Emmy Nilsson, a Swedish young woman with a degree from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design.

The idea is that the clothes not be completely retro-spective, but still take inspiration from the time prior to the age of unisex-fashion. They don´t do trends, they would rather celebrate each womans´unique beauty by timeless design, independent of the mass production of the major clothing chains. Emmy wants to slow down the pace of fashion and make clothes with style and quality that last as long as you´d like! They want to reclaim the star quality in fashion, and dissociate ourselves from todays´ throwaway culture with its´ negative environmental effects. Their goal is that each one of our garments should have the potential to be your new favourite piece! When you buy an emmy piece you get real value for you money! Our prices are not excessive, what you´re paying for is basically the high quality of the garments.